Green Care

Green Care is an all-purpose term for different activities done in natural surroundings. This term is used especially here in Finland. A more common term to describe Green Care in other parts of Europe is for example Social Farming. The aim with Green Care is to improve people’s well-being and quality of life. Green Care methods can be used in different environments for example in forests or on farms and in nearby parks or even indoors. In Green Care various animal – and nature assisted methods, for example riding therapy or gardening therapy, can be used. (Green Care Finland ry 2017.)


Green Care is a method where nature activities and being in natural surroundings are used to enhance well-being. In Finland Green Care methods are divided in two sections which are called Green Care (in Finnish Luontohoiva) and Green Empowerment (in Finnish Luontovoima). Green Care is used in goal-directed therapy- or rehabilitation work. To use these methods, you need to have the required competence. Green Empowerment is targeting to improve and maintain your own well-being by using natural environments. You can enjoy nature values watching enchanting landscapes or go hiking in forests. Fresh air relaxes your brain and frees your spirit. (Green Care Finland ry 2017.)

Finnish nature provides an excellent environment to exercise different activities to improve and maintain your well-being. In Finland nature is close to you and you can see nature everywhere. It is also easily accessible. To maintain and improve your well-being, you do not have to go far. For example, walking or cycling home after a school day through a nearby park, will keep you fit and support your well-being. If you are feeling stressed during a busy school day, you could ease your mind and thoughts by watching natural scenery. In summary, you don’t have to do huge things in natural surroundings and still you can enhance your well-being.

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